Below is our Customer Agreement Form.
We have kept this as simple as possible.
We don’t like long term leases when we sign up for 
a service, and we don’t ask our customers to do this.
No lease term, and no cost-per-page

       Agreement between
Photo Factory and Customer

1. All ink required will be delivered to customer at Photo Factory’s expense.
2. A fair use policy of 20 cartridge equivalents per month will apply.
Regular use of more than this amount may result in a small increase to the monthly charge.
3. Printer and bulk ink unit remain the property of Photo Factory Limited.
4. Photo Factory must approve the relocation of the printer to any address other than that shown on this agreement.
5. Printer upgrades can be arranged. Upgrade fees and the signing of a new agreement may be required.
6. When a printer fails within 12 months of the signing of an agreement and the failure is not a result of negligence or abuse, Photo Factory will repair it or replace it with an equivalent model
After this 12 month period, the signing of a new agreement or a service charge may apply.
7. Should replacement printers/parts not be available, Photo Factory reserves the right to cancel the agreement immediately and credit 30 days of lease payments.
8. The customer may elect to terminate the agreement at any time with 30 days notice.
Where deemed necessary, Photo Factory reserves the right to cancel an agreement with 30 days notice, or immediately under clause 7. above.
9. Should the customer or any person permitted by the customer to use the printer clause damage to it, Photo Factory will charge an appropriate amount to repair or replace the unit.
10. A charge may be made for urgent or after hours service.
11. Photo Factory’s responsibility with installation is limited to ensuring that the supplied printer/printers function correctly on the customer’s existing system at the time of installation.
Where subsequent changes are made to the customer’s system, Photo Factory can quote on the work required to ensure the printers will operate correctly on the altered system.
Otherwise it is the responsibility of the customer to have this work completed.
12. The monthly charge for the service will continue until Photo Factory is advised that the customer wishes to terminate the agreement.
13. In the event of non-payment, collection costs will be added to the amount owing.