Our customers' monthly savings

Recycling Centre in Hamilton $200.19
Kohanga Reo in Hamilton $206.44
Vehicle Repair Centre in Thames $176.56
Childcare Centre in Bay of Plenty $262.11
Funeral Service in Hamilton $147.93
Childcare Centre in Ngaruawahia $186.46
Charitable Foundation in Auckland $211.38
Aero Club in Bay of Plenty $423.76
Accounting Practice in Tauranga $206.26
Car Dealership in Tauranga $217.05
Childcare Centre in Rotorua $446.56
Kohanga Reo in Hamilton $169.57
Childcare Centre in Franklin $317.40
Kohanga Reo in South Auckland $194.56
Childcare Centre in Te Puke $157.53
Childcare Centre in Putaruru $147.01

These savings are based on a conservative estimate of the cost of colour laser printing, and reflect typical savings our customers enjoy by using our inkjet printers and bulk ink service.
No comparison has been made with inkjet cartridge printing – since cartridges usually cost $25.00 for 10ml of ink ($12.50 per teaspoonful), it can easily cost more than $1.00 to print one page of photographs.

Our customers are printing all their needs for one monthly charge, with no variable costs.
As a result, their average cost per full colour page is just 7.6 cents.

Get a Photo Factory printer installed, and start saving some real money!

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